Why Your Local Realtor is better than Zillow or Trulia

    Why Your Local Realtor is better than Zillow or Trulia

    The mega real estate sites are impossible to ignore. However, when you are considering buying or selling a property, it’s important to know why not to use Trulia and Zillow and why your local Realtor is the best resource for you.

    local_vs_zillowLet us first explain what Trulia and Zillow are attempting to do. They are data mining sites. Their job is to get you to turn over your information. They wave shiny attractive information on the sale of homes as bait for you to give them your personal information. Once they have your profile, they sell it. The more you use their site and the more expensive the properties you look at, the more you are worth. They sell your information to Realtors, Lenders and advertisers. Real estate is not their business. You are.

    If we were fishing, the listings are like worms on hooks. They attract buyers and sellers who willingly bite at them and provide their information. Understanding this, ask yourself, what is more important? That they provide information is accurate, or that there is a lot of it? Obviously, it’s more important to have lots of shiny information than accurate information. Sometimes the information on these sites is actually malicious and intentionally deceiving by overseas scammers who would love for you to wire funds on a “rare” deal. Be very careful. It’s very difficult for Trulia and Zillow to police all the activity because there is so much of it. They are drinking from a fire hydrant of input data and are mostly overwhelmed.

    Your local Realtor is your best resource. They can verify the accuracy of the data that you find online, show you only those properties that are real opportunities and protect you from solicitations. An experienced Realtor will also know about the area first hand since they live in the town where you are shopping. They will be trained and familiar with the local laws governing offers and contracts and can protect you and your earnest money from fraud. Your local Realtor is not attempting to decipher all the homes on the continent. They are only focused on their market and are therefore much more informed.

    If you’re considering buying, selling or investing in real estate, you should find a great Realtor before you need one. Just like a plumber, it’s best to know one before you have a need, otherwise you may not like what you’re left with. If you’re looking for real estate services in Alaska, call Kevin Cross with Keller Williams at 907-529-2289.




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