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    Hi guys, here is my quick introduction: My name is Adam Heafner, I am a mortgage broker here in Anchorage and have been doing residential financing for the past eleven years. As a broker, I have access to many different funding sources across the US. This gives me access to not only the best rates the market has to offer, but also gives me the ability to shop lenders based on underwriting guidelines in order to get tough deals done and take a file that would be declined elsewhere in town and turn it into an approved loan. I pride myself on my knowledge of the market and securing the best deal for my clients. I am a huge advocate of education and will be using this blog post as an opportunity to bring you up to date information and news about what is going on in the national economy and how that affects mortgage rates here at home.
    The big news on the horizon is the long awaited September Jobs Report which will finally be released tomorrow, Tuesday, October 22nd. The report was originally delayed by the government shutdown earlier this month. The Jobs Report shows us how many jobs were either created or lost during the month. In general, bad economic news (job shortage) is good news for the bond market and it is the bond market that directly affects mortgage rates. If the Jobs Report comes in negative and shows that less new jobs were created than expected it will shift investor dollars away from the stock market and into the bond market. As the bond market goes up interest rates go down. If the Jobs Report shows more new jobs than anticipated, it will shift investor dollars away from the bond market and into the stock market as the investors feel good about the (slowly) improving economy. Be on the lookout for the Jobs Report numbers tomorrow and I’ll help you digest the information as it becomes available.
    If you ever have questions about financing, rates, or want to get pre-approved to either purchase a new home or refinance a current property, don’t hesitate to give me a call!
    Your friendly neighborhood mortgage broker,
    Adam Heafner
    First Rate Financial
    907-222-5505 office

    Cross and Associates Mortgage
    Cross and Associates Mortgage

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    Kevin Cross

    Kevin Cross is owner of Real Estate eXchange at Keller Williams Realty Alaska Group. Kevin’s Team specializes in income properties, commercial properties, rehab, flipping and creating cash flow for clients. You reach him at or call 907-865-6529.

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