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    Credit Care Can Be Cryptic. Learn to Decode the Secrets.
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    As a Realtor who sells a boat load of houses (over 100 per year), I see people get turned down for loans a lot. It’s very discouraging for most home buyers or owner who are looking to refinancing into a lower rate. However, most consumers don’t know that it’s a system that is not built to help them, rather it’s there to help the creditors. Here are 5 things you should know about your credit score.

    1.) 80% of credit scores have errors.

    According to the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, an estimated 80% of reports are erroneous in some way. Many of these area costing consumers thousands of dollars a year or preventing families from owning a home, refinancing into a better loan or costing them unnecessarily high interest on credit lines. This means you’re more than likely not getting an accurate picture of your score unless you dig deep.

    2.) Credit scoring is a for profit business and you’re not their customer.

    Experian, TransUnion and Equifax are for profit companies that collect your data and sell it to creditors. The creditors then use this data to market to you and gauge your risk to them. Think about this. If the creditors are their client, where is the incentive to keep your data accurate? After all, if it’s incorrect and you don’t complain, it’s you who pays more. Not the creditors.

    3.) The difference between good and great is thousands of dollars a year.

    When you apply for a loan, your interest rate is based on your credit score. The system is referred to as tiered. The higher the score, the lower the interest. Awesome credit is typically seen as being higher than 740. Even though 715 is good enough to get any loan, you’d still potentially be paying thousands of dollars a year in interest than someone with a 720. Lenders and creditors make more money off you because your score is good enough and rarely tell you that you could easily be getting a much better deal by adding just a few points.

    4.) The system can be hacked.

    The three credit boroughs are giant computer banks not unlike the Matrix. They are constantly reading data sent to them by your creditors. This signal can be manipulated to both do you harm and benefit you. You can control the date by changing when you pay your bills, types of credit you use, length of credit history and amounts available to you. Rarely is there nothing that can’t be tweaked in your favor if you know the game.

    5.) There is help and it’s really cheap.

    Credit repair companies such as Trio Credit Care are like Neo from the Matrix movies. They know the inner working of the credit system and will guide you to fixing errors, removing bad reports and collections as well as work diligently to get your score up. You could possibly do it yourself, but if you do it wrong it’ll cost you more than you thought you’d save real fast. Even better, they give a Free consultation to assess your credit and determine if their services will benefit you.

    Ever wondered how your credit is determined? Ever wondered what that number means? Many people see credit as a labyrinthine maze they are stuck in the midst of. Don’t be one of them. Join us and we’ll show you the secret passage ways and help you avoid making the wrong turns.

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    kev-smallKevin Cross is owner of Foundations Real Estate of Keller Williams. Kevin’s Team specializes in income properties, commercial properties, rehab, flipping and creating cash flow for clients. You reach him at or call 907-865-6529.

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